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Associations for building the future of the construction industry

The ICP Cooperative Association is composed of members from the excellent con-struction industry who are committed to creating the future of the construction industry. And this organization is created to accept foreign human resources (technical interns and specified skilled workers) with a special focus on the con-struction industry, to perform joint procurement and orders, and system han-dling.


Advantages of the ICP Cooperative Association.


We provide good working conditions and living environment for foreign hu-man resources.

  Our salaries are in the top 30% that technical interns receive in Japan.
  The company has a dormitory and a counselor you can talk to in your native language.


We provide Japanese language classes and custom training.

  First, we conduct Japanese language classes for foreign human resources. After that, you will be able to communicate and work at the cooperative company’s workplace.
  We also provide custom training to each employee to acquire basic knowledge and safety management which is required in cooperative companies.


We have never had any problems regarding the disappearance of foreign hu-man resources.

  Our company provides good working conditions and living environment for foreign human resources so that they can work satisfactorily and acquire skills. We have never had any problems in terms of disappearances.


Only reliable construction companies are members of the association.

  Only reliable construction companies that understand the purpose of the tech-nical intern training program belong to our association. These companies transfer the skills, technologies, or knowledge that are developed in our coun-try, to developing regions and contribute to the "human resource development" that undertakes the economic development of those developing regions and other regions.