About the ICP Cooperative Association

Message from the Representative Director

In recent years, the Japanese construction industry has been suffering from a labor shortage, and expectations for foreign human resources under the specified skill system are increasing. In addition, many foreign human resources are al-ready working at construction sites in Japan under the technical intern training program. O-TECHNIQUE Co., Ltd., the company that we run, has been accepting foreign technical interns. Seeing foreign workers eager to acquire construction skills and the Japanese language, I was convinced that we could create the fu-ture of the construction industry in Japan and Asia together.
So, together with my reliable construction partner companies, I started "ICP Co-operative Association" to accept foreign workers who want to study about the construction industry in Japan, to firmly teach them construction skills, and to create an environment where they can live with peace of mind. Our association specializes in the construction industry, accepting foreign workers, undertaking joint procurement and orders, and handling systems.
We provide support to foreign workers who wish to receive technical intern training so that they can live in Japan with peace of mind, work in the construc-tion industry, and acquire solid construction skills. We also set up a contact per-son you can talk to if you have any problems with your life or work in Japan.
To date, our association's companies have offered technical interns salaries that are at the top 30% of all technical interns’ salaries. Also, there have been no prob-lems with the technical interns in the past. All those who have completed the technical intern training have been able to have a fulfilling life, have acquired skills in Japan and have returned to their home countries with those skills. So, if you want to acquire the skills of the construction industry in Japan, please feel free to apply at our association.
In the future, we hope to provide opportunities for technical interns to work af-ter they return to their home countries. First of all, we are promoting a plan to establish a company for that in Myanmar.
Those association's companies that wish to accept foreign workers will be asked to meet the standards required by our association in terms of living environment, working environment and salary for accepting technical interns. We provide the necessary support. We welcome inquiries from companies that support our asso-ciation's philosophy of "Creating the Future of the Construction Industry".

About the cooperative associationAs of September 30, 2019

Cooperative association name ICP Cooperative Association
(ICP stands for International Construction Promotion)
Established in October 2003
Address NPG Building 5-A Room West, 1-7-44 Nishiki Naka-ku, Nagoya City, Aichi 460-0003, Japan
Tel +81-52-355-6400


Representative director Isao Ogawa


・Cooperative associations specializing in the construction industry (we plan to ex-pand our business in areas such as scaffolding, painting, waterproofing, etc).


・joint procurement (materials, etc.)
・Joint orders
・System handling
・Accepting foreign human resources (technical interns and specified skilled workers)

Association philosophy

・Creating the future of the construction industry


・Continue pursuing rich ways of working


・Bridge a multicultural society

Action guidelines